Core.ini Tweak

Note: When you install a patch or update to the game sometimes it will take these settings back to its original configuration. Add this site to your favorites so you can make changes again after patch or update is installed.

.INI files that reside in the NASCAR 2003 folder.

I recommend you back up each of these files before you make any changes just in case. If you installed the game normally, they're in this folder: C:\Papyrus\NASCAR Racing 2003 Season

Open up the core.ini file (in notepad if prompted).

Be very careful not to change anything by mistake as this may cause the game to crash or not even load.

Look for this line:[FileLRUCache] CacheSize=4194304 ; Bytes of DAT file LRU Cache size to allocate. Change this setting by just adding 1 the new line should look like this. [FileLRUCache]CacheSize=14194304 ; Bytes of DAT file LRU Cache size toallocate.

Save changes and Close.

Tweak Player.ini

Next open the Players folder and open (Your Name) Folder then open the player.ini file.

Scroll down to where you see [Graphics Options] below that there should be a line that says

texture_quality=1 Change this to 100 the new line should look like this


Save changes and Close.

Note: This tweak is for Picture Quality not for fps boost.

If you are limited by cpu or video card and are looking for fps boost I would suggest setting the number lower at 20 or so, it will increase your quality without taking that much from your CPU.

RendOGL.ini or RendDirect3d.ini Tweak

Now open up the rend_ogl.ini or direct3d.ini file in Notepad. Look for this line. AnisotropicLevel=8

Change this to a 0. (AnisotropicLevel=0)

Save changes and Close.

How Do I Turn The Chat Filter Off??

Go to your PLAYERS folder and locate the name you use to log on. Open the Player.ini file (in notepad if prompted).

C:\Papyrus\NASCAR Racing 2003 Season\players\Name

Locate the file with the name PLAYER.INI

Open that file with NOTEPAD and locate the line [Misc]

Disable_chat_filter=0 change =1 witch disable would be on.